The Struggle is Real … What’s for Dinner?

I love to cook, but the struggle is real when it comes to meal planning. Our schedules are all over the place and Eric travels most weeks for work, so often I’m on my own for dinner.

While wine and popcorn are ALWAYS a legit dinner option when there’s nothing in the fridge, I constantly have food envy when I see my friends’ posts on Instagram of their amazing weeknight dinners. After one of those said posts, a friend posted that she frequently uses Blue Apron. She had a free box to share, so I took her up on the offer and signed up.


I have to be honest, at first I was skeptical. I totally loved knowing that Blue Apron would deliver a box each week to my house – you can pick you delivery date, as well as number of meals and number of servings – but I wasn’t sure if the quality would live up to its hype … could the ingredients survive delivery? Also, the meal options looked pretty adventurous. Squid-ink pasta? I’m all for trying new things, especially when out to eat, but could I pull off making a squid-ink pasta dish?

The first box came, and overall we were really pleased. The ingredients were fresh and withstood the delivery; the box includes all of the ingredients pre-portioned out for you, as well as recipe cards with step-by-step instructions for each meal. There’s also a card which takes a deeper dive into a technique or ingredient which is cool.

While I was nervous to make meals I never would have made on my own, Blue Apron pretty much made the experience stupid proof. And, Eric and I had fun making each meal together.

We’re now on week four of Blue Apron, and I’m liking it so far. We’ve definitely made a few adjustments – you can influence the menu each week, and identify specific items you don’t like so you don’t get them again, as well as rate each meal.

Overall, I’d recommend this option for anyone looking for quality (and unique) meal options without the struggle of meal planning and shopping. We haven’t made the squid-ink pasta … yet … it’s in this week’s box. Wish me luck!

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