52 Happy Lists Challenge

Photo of 52 Lists Book

On one of my many trips to Paper Source shopping for wedding items, I stumbled upon the clearance table. Among the discounted rolls of wrapping paper, stationery and calendars, I found a book of lists. The cover caught my eye, so I took a quick peek. 52 Lists for Happiness by Moorea Seal. Giving into the $5 price tag, I thought I’d give it a shot.

So here we are … my goal is to share my journal of lists, and I hope you reflect along with me.

List 1: What Makes You Happy Right Now

  1. Being Married! (Almost – 35 days!)
  2. Thinking about the future
  3. Getting things done (for the wedding)
  4. Love
  5. Rest
  6. Laughs with Eric
  7. Family time
  8. Snuggles with Turk (our Pug)
  9. A good cup of coffee
  10. Not feeling rushed
  11. Manicures & pedicures
  12. Waking up without an alarm
  13. Spending time with friends
  14. Letting go of control
  15. “Me” time
  16. Binge watching Netflix
  17. A clean house
  18. Coming home when it’s still light outside
  19. Shopping
  20. The lake
  21. Singing in the car
  22. A good book
  23. Letting my guard down
  24. The sound of rain
  25. Good news from others
  26. Blogging (telling my story)
  27. Yoga for a clear mind
  28. Working out
  29. Cooking
  30. Date night

Of the items on this list, I can’t say I fulfill all (or even half of them if I’m being honest) regularly. The call-to-action in the book is to pick out items on the list and work towards doing them more. A couple I’m going to work on:

  1. Consistently find time to go to yoga/workout – this really helps me manage stress and clear my mind.
  2. Work towards not feeling rushed because I have a tendency to pack too many things into a day, and always find a way to “squeeze things in.”

What are the top things that make you happy right now? Any things that you can focus on so you can experience them regularly?

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