Dig a Little Deeper

Things are moving along at the new house! Initially, construction was supposed to start two weeks ago, but due to an ice storm they weren’t able to start digging until this past week. The dig itself went pretty fast, but we got some news that they were going to have to do piering.

Our builder was able to connect with the engineer and start the piering process before the weekend … you can see the giant machinery, concrete and metal rods. At least we know our home will be on a solid and stable foundation!

In the meantime, we’re getting ready to meet with our designer, appliance person and plumber to start talking about the finishings in the house. I’m excited for this – check out my Pinterest Page for some of our design inspiration.

Starting by leveling the dirt.
Gravel where our driveway will be.
Dirt piles from the dig on either side of the property.
Giant machinery for the excavator. 


Excited to see progress! 

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