Best Friends

Do you ever just have one of those moments when everything feels just perfectly right … even for just a few minutes?

This weekend I got to spend time with two of my dearest friends, Rachel and Jacey. We were celebrating Rachel being a soon-to-be mommy, and the three of us hadn’t gotten together since before Christmas (Rachel lives on the East Coast).

We were well overdue for a get together, and excited to celebrate Rachel and her growing family. One of her close family friends, Janet, hosted a beautiful shower in her home. As everyone was saying their “goodbyes” following the festivities, Jacey and I were the last ones at the house.

Janet, seeing how desperately we wanted to catch up with our dear friend, encouraged us to settle into her living room. We joked how dangerous it was to welcome our chatter, as the three of us could go on for hours. Janet just laughed as she walked towards the kitchen and said, “as it should, you’re best friends.”

It was during this time sitting on the couch laughing, lamenting and sharing all of the things you tell your best friends that I realized just how much I had been missing it … missing them.

Sure, Jacey and I grab dinner and Rachel and I do phone dates during our commutes home, but when the three of us get together that’s when it feels perfectly right. Each of us are in different stages in our lives: Rachel becoming a mother, Jacey starting her career, and me a newly-wed. For over a decade we’ve been sharing the good, bad and ugly of it all … sometimes in a sorority house, sometimes over drinks, sometimes on a couch.

I’m not sure yet when the three of us will all be in the same place again, but this weekend was a powerful reminder of how much these two ladies mean to me. Thank you, Janet, for helping us know when it’s time settle in.

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