The Beginning of Happily Ever After

Wow, what a whirlwind weekend. Eric and I are engaged!

It all started like any other typical weekend for Eric and me. We made dinner on Friday night and hung out relaxing on the couch after a crazy week.

We had made plans with friends several weeks ago for dinner on Saturday at one of my favorite restaurants, Julian, in Brookside. On Saturday morning, Eric said he had a lot of errands to run and was grabbing lunch with his aunt, but would be back in time to get ready for dinner. While it seemed a little odd (Eric always invites me to things with his aunt), I thought maybe they needed some “hanging out” time. So, on Saturday morning I got up and went to yoga, and then ran some errands of my own. It honestly was so bizarre – no one in my family was responding to text messages (like they normally do) and Eric kept telling me how he needed to knock some stuff out on his own … I felt like I was kind of getting ditched, but little did I know what was going on behind the scenes.

We got ready for dinner and headed to Julian to meet our friends. When we arrived at the restaurant, I told the hostess that we were meeting another couple, and she looked at me and said, “no, it will just be the two of you.” She seated us in the back corner of the restaurant, and I instantly started grilling Eric on why our friends weren’t coming to dinner. He said something like, “I told them we needed our own date night,” and of course (with my Type A personality in full force) I started asking why we would need to cancel on our friends that we don’t see often for a date night of our own, and if they were mad at us for ditching them. Again … so bizarre, and that’s when I knew something was up.

12985382_10154107347223832_2532548183963369595_nEric said not to worry about it, and over some wine we started looking at the menu. He then said he wanted to talk to me about our relationship, and he started to get up and come over to my side of the table. He got down on his knee and from there, I have no idea what he said – I just remember thinking to myself, “oh my God this is happening! Oh my God, don’t cry – you didn’t wear waterproof mascara! This is really happening! I can’t imagine my life with anyone else but him.” He asked me if I would marry him, and I said “yes! Of course!”

We went on to have the most amazing dinner prepared for us by Chef and Owner of Julian, Celina Tio. She started off dinner with a bottle of champagne to celebrate, and then treated us to seven phenomenal dishes. Eric and I spent the entire time enjoying the moment, talking about what’s to come with our lives together, and how we were going to tell everyone.

13000098_10207242691558792_2200372388969774701_nEric said that my parents knew, and that we were going to their house after dinner to celebrate and call his family and our friends. We pulled into the driveway, and as we opened the door to my parents’ house, we heard this loud “SURPRISE, CONGRATULATIONS!” Both of our families were there to help us celebrate the news. And at that moment, I had this feeling of overwhelming joy and the tears started flowing…

We spent the evening chatting with everyone and calling those that couldn’t be with us in person. It was incredible to see our two families together with everyone laughing and having a great time.

On Sunday morning, Eric hosted everyone at his house for brunch and I learned the inside scoop on how he was able to pull off his master plan without me finding out.

12933030_10154108412833832_4749863402237882179_nHe had enlisted my mom to track down Celina Tio and had been working with her for weeks to create an amazing dinner, and he plotted with my friend Emily to even suggest Julian for our couples’ date night dinner to begin with.

Saturday morning while Eric was “running errands,” he was really swimming with his nephews, hanging with his family and finishing up putting the final touches on dinner. My family was getting ready for the party at my parents’ house – no wonder people weren’t texting me back! And, the whole time everyone was tracking me and what I was up to using the “Find My Friends” app to make sure I wouldn’t bump into them.12974355_10154109752143832_432897026924889595_n

How all of this got past my nosy personality? I have no idea. But this was the most incredible weekend, and I am so excited to be Eric’s future Mrs.

It’s now been 72 hours and it’s all still sinking in. We’re looking forward to this wonderful journey, and can’t wait to share it with our family and friends.

Thank you for making this weekend so special for us; we are truly blessed.






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  1. It was so much fun and we are excited for Jessica to join our family!!! We have been blessed to have her in our lives.

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