A Little Dirt Never Hurt

So what did we do the first weekend as an engaged couple? Landscaping.

We dabbled doing things in the yard last year when Eric first moved into his house, but this year he’s all about having the best yard on the block …

The weekend started with a trip to Suburban Lawn & Garden, where we picked up flowers, shrubs, compost, potting soil and a ton of mulch.We then stopped by a Kaw Valley Greenhouse popup for a couple of new planters and then finished up at Lowe’s Home Improvement to stock up on herbs for the deck and other miscellaneous gardening items.

Once the car was fully loaded up, and after a quick stop at Chipotle for lunch, we went to work.

Eric pulled out an obscene amount of lilies left in the front flower bed from the previous homeowners, while I got my “fitness step count” for the day by mowing the lawn.

We replaced the lilies with boxwood shrubs and planted several annuals and perennials around a few existing plants. Wanting to soften the front of the house a bit, we added two planters to the front, and then headed to the back of the house.

Eric edged, watered and worked on prepping the garden bed (a future project), while I planted several herbs: rosemary, garlic chives, sweet basil, lavender and sweet mint. We also potted romaine and bibb lettuce (so the bunnies wouldn’t eat them in the garden) and finished up another flower pot for the deck.

About 10 bags of mulch, two bags of compost and three bags of potting soil later, our weekend project was deemed complete. As for having the best house on the block … so far we’re killing it!


4 thoughts on “A Little Dirt Never Hurt

  1. Eric, your Dad will be proud! It is beautiful. I have always enjoyed working in the garden. You both did a wonderful job. Hope to see it someday!

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