Birthday Blooms

My mom has always had a love for gardening and flowers. Several years ago, we started a tradition of exchanging pots of beautiful blooms for holidays like Mother’s Day and birthdays.

This weekend, my mom invited my brother’s girlfriend, Megan, and me for a girls’ afternoon to pick out flowers for pots to celebrate our upcoming birthdays.

We spent time wandering up and down rows and rows of colorful flowers and plants at Family Tree Nursery. My mom stopping with us along the way to explain what various flowers were and how to create the “perfect pot” with thrillers, fillers and spillers.

There’s an art to creating an eye-catching flower pot, and we learned it’s all about the strategy.

First, pick the “thriller.” This is a flower or plant that offers height in the back of the pot. Then pick your “fillers;” these are blooms that go in the middle section of the pot and act as the main focal point. Finish off the pot with “spillers,” plants that flow over the front of the pot to draw your eyes down.

Megan and I certainly learned a lot, and enjoyed working on our green-thumb skills. Here are the final products:

Megan’s flower pot

My flower pot (which includes an ornamental tree)

Thanks for the amazing day, Mom!


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