A Collection of Moments

Well, it has certainly been a crazy couple of weeks.

While our wedding isn’t for another 16 months, we learned quickly that wedding venue shopping in Kansas City is insane. It’s amazing how expensive some of these places are and how you never know what you’re really going to get until you visit the place in person. And, even though you think you have plenty of time … in all reality you don’t, especially when wanting to book during a holiday weekend.

After lots of emails, phone calls and site visits, we are excited that we have found a place we love. Whew!

In between all of the wedding venue commotion and a full day of vetting out event spaces, we celebrated along with thousands of other Kansas Citians at the launch of the KC Streetcar. And since it opened during First Fridays, we checked out the galleries and local shops in the Crossroads Arts District while getting around on the new two-mile streetcar line in downtown KC.

We also stumbled on Tesla Kansas City and had fun checking out a black Model X and red Model S. Ha, maybe someday!

Last Saturday after meeting with another wedding venue, we volunteered at a bike donation day for Hawks, Helmets & Handlebars, and then spent time with Eric’s aunt and hosted my side of the family for Mother’s Day and my birthday.

This past week, we had the opportunity to take a second look at our top spot for the wedding venue, got in touch with the band we like, traveled for work, volunteered for a blood drive to help with cancer research, participated on a radio show, and then decided to get the heck out of dodge.

We spent this weekend at one of our favorite spots, the lake. In the middle of a farm town, the lake gets limited cell phone service and there’s no wifi so it’s the perfect spot to unplug and get away.

Eric did a lot of fishing, and I enjoyed cooking over the weekend. While it was too cold to swim, we hung out on the dock and chatted with the locals.

While we’re back to the craziness of work, wedding, friends and family, we’re remembering to enjoy all the moments along the way.


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