Something Old, Something New

I’ve always had a love for antiques. I grew up exploring auctions, estate sales and antique shops with with my mom, grandma and aunts. We have so many fond memories of afternoons and weekend trips uncovering unique and historical items which are now traditions in our family or pieces that complete our homes.

I was a pro at holding up an auction paddle by kindergarten and got my first taste at negotiating with a little old lady over a pretty tea cup. My mom and aunts all have a depression glass pattern, mine is sunflower circa the 1930’s, and we all have Red Wing crocks by the front door for our family’s shoes.

There’s something about uncovering a story or learning you’ve stumbled upon an item that’s worth more than you expect. But beyond all the “oh my gosh, I have to have it” stuff we’ve accumulated, it’s about our time together and the fun we have along the way.

Whenever we go to the lake we stop by one of our favorite antique shops, Lawson Hill. We’ve found all sorts of things here, and this time was no different.

I’m working on transforming one of the spare bedrooms in our house into my office/dressing room, and have been on the hunt to find some sort of table with storage and to act as a TV stand.

While wandering around Lawson Hill, I found the most perfect piece in a cute garden-themed booth. It certainly needed some help, but nothing a little elbow grease and some paint couldn’t fix.



The vanity, which after some Googling is from the 1940s (I think), had about five layers of paint on it, and the drawers were falling apart.


After a good scrubbing to get rid of all the dust and dirt, I went to work sanding down the chipping layers of paint. Instead of sanding until there was nothing left of the vanity, I opted to sand until the surface was smooth and chip free. Next, I got to work re-constructing the drawers with some wood glue and nails.

Next, it was time for some spray primer and a fresh coat of paint. I chose a latex semi-gloss paint by Valspar called “Du Jour.” After a few hours of painting, and a trip to Locks & Pulls to find some distressed mirror glass knobs and dainty drawer pulls, I would consider this project a success!


While I was at it, I decided to paint my old kitchen table legs as well. The butcher block table is going in my office as my new desk.

Overall, a successful Fourth of July trip! Stay tuned for a post on my new office decor!


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