Let There Be Paint

So forever ago we decided it would be nice to update the master bedroom and bathroom with a fresh coat of paint. And when I say forever ago, I mean almost a year ago.

IMG_7347Last spring we took a stroll through Sherwin Williams and picked out a few samples to test. As usual life happened, and we got a bit busy. A few months later we decided we didn’t totally love the samples we picked, so again we stopped by the paint store for a few more options.

Again we got busy, and so the paint samples stayed on the wall – at this point looking more like a weird piece of art rather than a few swatches.

Finally this weekend – almost 10 months after the original idea – we got around to slapping some paint onto the walls. And in true Eric and Jessica DIY project style, we also decided it would be nice to paint the bathroom cabinets, install two new light fixtures and add storage.

This is what the master bedroom and bathroom looked like before … notice the builder-grade lighting, drab beige paint color and less-than-useful shelving.

We decided to paint the bedroom and bathroom cabinets “Light French Gray” and “Pewter Cast” for the bathroom. After moving all of the furniture into the middle of the room, removing the cabinet drawers and doors, and un-installing the light fixture, we did some spackling and started to edge.

After painting the main room, Eric worked on painting the bathroom while I tried my hand at painting the cabinets.

After a few of trips to Lowe’s, a small nightmare re-installing the cabinet doors, and lots of measuring and re-measuring to make sure the light fixture and bathroom storage were centered, we finally finished the project!

In addition to painting and the main light fixture, we ended up adding a new curtain rod, new cabinet pulls, a fixture in the bathroom near the shower and an updated toilet paper roll holder.

We still have a few touchups to do, but overall not too shabby for a 48-hour project. Now, time for Netflix and snuggles with Turk.

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