A New Year’s Resolution

I find that I do my best thinking on the mat. For me, yoga is a way to reflect on what’s taking up space in my mind – things to do, things that are bothering me, things that distract me, things I’m working towards – and for 60 minutes I let them all go.

This week, one of the instructors (who teaches this awesome barre yoga class) started our practice discussing New Year’s resolutions. She said that we all have a tendency to focus on what we need to change and do better as we head into the New Year. Instead, she challenged us to focus on who we are in this moment. That we should be proud. That we should feel accomplished. That we are enough.

So of course that got my wheels turning. I’m not going to even begin to pretend that I didn’t have a laundry list of all these things I wanted to do in 2018. Workout more, eat healthier, work harder, relax more, enjoy the small moments, do more on my blog, take photography classes, focus on family time. The list goes on and on …

But what do all of these new goals matter if I’m not being present and taking a moment to acknowledge where I’m at now? If we’re always striving for the next big thing “to do,” do we lose sight of what we’ve accomplished thus far?

So, by the end of the 60 minutes, I decided to find a middle ground. To take a moment to reflect where I’m at now, that what I’m doing is “enough” for me in this time and place. And look towards where I’d like to be in 2018, what my new “enough” will be moving forward.

For example, while it’s “enough” today that I make it to yoga when I can, hopefully by the end of 2018, it will be “enough” that I go to yoga three times a week. I ended up reflecting on all of my New Year’s resolutions while feeling the burn of micro bends in class.

By the time I left the studio, I felt proud, accomplished and fulfilled from both the reflection of what I’ve done so far, and where I’m hoping to go this coming year. I’m ready for 2018, are you?

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