House + Love = Home


Eric and I are really excited to share that we are building a house! What started as just “exploring” neighborhoods turned into a pretty fast decision to pick a lot, builder and floor plan.

We fell in love with a neighborhood adjacent to a new mixed-use development in a suburb of Kansas City. We already spend a ton of time in this area, the neighborhood is in a top public school district in the country, and it’s easy access to all of the other areas in the city where we love to spend time.

In the neighborhood we found a spec house we really liked, but the market is tight, and someone else got to it before we could.

We were pretty set on being in this neighborhood and we loved the floor plan of the spec house, so we decided to explore our options … which is how we landed on building.

The neighborhood has two phases, and with the floor plan we liked, there were really only three lots left that worked well for the style of house. We found out that the lot we liked also had interest from other potential buyers, so we moved quickly.

We signed our contract with the builder right before Christmas, and have been waiting (not so) patiently as permits were being pulled.

We had fun with our real estate friends Dan and Maria “breaking ground” on the lot a couple of weekends ago, and have a pre-construction meeting with our builder coming up this week.




We’ll make sure to share updates on the project along the way, but in the meantime, any advice for us as we build our home?

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