Real Talk: The COVID Roller Coaster

I’m not sure I even know where to begin. We are on week 20 of this global pandemic’s “new normal” – whatever that means – because it definitely doesn’t feel like we’ve really settled into any “normal” yet. Honestly, I feel like I’m riding a roller coaster through COVID.

When it all started I was naive enough to think, “ok, a couple of weeks under stay-at-home orders actually sounds amazing. I’ll catch up on those hanging items on my work to-do list. It will be fun to to do all sorts of activities and art projects with Lincoln. Eric and I can enjoy some quality time together since he won’t be traveling weekly.” Ha! What a joke.

Going up the roller coaster – optimistic.

Work didn’t slow down at all, and trying to navigate who was on “baby-duty” when both of us had “extremely important” calls to take definitely tested us – there for a few weeks, Eric and I both were completely over each other. We eventually found our routine, including how to work-from-home together, “daily drives” with Lincoln to get out of the house – we’ve explored most of the neighborhoods in the area at this point – grocery delivery, FaceTiming and Zooming family and friends, etc.

The hardest part for me during that time was seeing and reading all of the information coming in about COVID. Between adapting to a blended work life and mom life, I was also trying to keep my “knowledge is power” mentality in check. The information, and lack there of with so much speculation, made it really difficult for me to not get overwhelmed and anxious.

Top of the roller coaster – anxious.

Once the stay-at-home orders were lifted in our area, COVID numbers were trending down and we decided to send Linc back to daycare. He needed to go back; the poor kid was waving at the news anchors on TV because he thought they’d wave back at him – he sat in on so. many. video calls. He was bored, and he thrives interacting with other kids and his daycare’s curriculum is amazing. The weather also warmed up so we were able to go on more walks, hang out on the back patio and go to our local lawn and garden store (outdoors) to get out of the house. We took a trip to visit Eric’s family and started taking weekend trips to the lake – all of this has helped a lot to find separation between work and home.

Going down the roller coaster – optimistic.

However, now the numbers are trending back up in our area. People are opening up their circles of who they interact with and where they go. We’ve been so transparent and honest with everyone in our “circle” on where we go and who we see, and we expect the same from them. To us, it’s not a matter of judgement on what someone is or isn’t doing, but rather giving us the information to make the right decision for our family. What irritates me and makes me anxious is when that courtesy we are giving isn’t being given back to us. I’ve relaxed my comings and goings over the last several weeks, while still being very cautious, and I’ve also been put in a few situations where I’ve felt extremely uncomfortable after the fact. So I get it, everyone is trying to feel out their own comfort levels. Regardless, it’s exhausting for everyone on all fronts.

Going back up the roller coaster – over it.

So, it seems we’re heading up the roller coaster for another stomach-turner before we get an optimistic reprieve. I can only imagine how all of my friends with kids going back to school must be feeling right now.

I know that that our community hasn’t been as impacted as many other cities around the country, and I’m incredibly grateful that my family and close friends have stayed healthy and are hanging in there through all of this. It most definitely isn’t lost on me that my situation is no where near as stressful and difficult as it could be – I pray for those who are struggling during this uncertain and scary time, and support my community where I can.

If you’re on COVID roller coaster with me, hang in there friend. We can only hope the ride ends soon – I won’t be buying the “in-ride” photos.

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