A Lincoln Adventure: Week of “Firsts”

Well, in true fashion for our family, we dove into 2020 head first.

This past week was full of all sorts of “firsts” for Lincoln. I’m so proud and excited for him, but a part of me is so torn. It feels like just yesterday I was was dropping him off at his first day of daycare. I can’t believe he’s turning five months old next week – where has the time gone? My sweet newborn is turning into to a smart, curious, strong-willed little boy.

This past week we started introducing baby food, and Lincoln absolutely loves “eating dinner” with Mama and Dada now. He’s tried cereal, sweet potato, carrot, and pumpkin. He likes sweet potato and pumpkin the best so far.

He also had his first adventure to Costco in his “big kid” stroller. It’s fascinating to watch him take in his surroundings – we’re finding Lincoln definitely wants to be a part of the action and he’s curious about everything.

Linc also started rolling from his back to his tummy and can scoot around on his belly. We will have a crawler on our hands soon! This also means that Lincoln can’t be swaddled anymore, so a “big kid” sleep sack and the start of some gentle sleep training had to happen – a big thank you to our friend, Sara, who introduced us to Taking Cara Babies! The first night was rough, he’s a strong-willed kiddo, but he’s learned quickly and is well on his way to putting himself to bed and self-soothing if needed … getting 10-12 hours of sleep a night.

And this past Sunday, Lincoln had his first full-belly giggle.

That may not seem like too big of a deal, but this giggle brought me to tears. I’ve been hoping and waiting for this giggle since Linc started smiling. He’d do little laughs – Eric and I trying all sorts of things to get him to laugh over the last few months. This giggle though … this giggle was different. A deep giggle full of pure joy. I live for these giggles now.

Everyone told me, “the nights are long but the years are short,” and this past weekend a light bulb turned on – I get it now. As all of these “firsts” are happening, I’m trying to soak up each and every one as much as I can.

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