Currently Listening: 13 Podcasts for a Road Trip

Are you like Eric and me binge listening along with 86 million podcast listeners? We hopped on the bandwagon a few years ago, and whether it’s during the morning commute, business travel or family road trips, we’re constantly rotating through our favorite podcasters. Here’s what we’re currently listening to:


EntreLeadership | Ramsey Network

How I Built This |NPR

She Did it Her Way | Amanda Boleyn

True Crime:

Cold | Wondery

Detective Trapp | Wondery

Solve | iHeartRadio


The Dave Ramsey Show | Ramsey Network

RISE | Rachel Hollis

RISE Together | Rachel & Dave Hollis

Wisdom from the Top | Built-It Productions

Kansas City Local:

Grill Nation Show with Jason Grill | Jason Grill

State Your Line | State Your Line

TeamKC | KC Area Development Council (shameless plug!)

With Kilee Nickels | Kilee Nickels

What podcasts are you binging right now? Leave a comment, and let me know!

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