There’s No Place Like Home

Well, Eric and I took the plunge. We combined our homes!

This month was action packed and full of all sorts of emotions: excitement, stress, nervousness, love and comfort.

I have to admit, I didn’t think moving in would be such a roller coaster of feelings. I’ve always been a fiercely independent person, and it hit me as I was standing in my empty apartment that I am now no longer a team of one. And honestly, it’s one of the most tremendous feelings.

Eric has been so patient and kind to me as I adjust from the mentality of “his house” to “our house,” and for the both of us to make the house our home.

There were definitely some realizations along the way … Eric now fully understands my obsession with shoes, handbags and accessories, and that I’m an old lady when it comes to sleeping habits; I now know that for Eric a “use by date” is optional, and every item has a spot in the house (the living room full of stuff drove him nuts). And, Turk (the pug) totally runs the house – we’re both pushovers.

I can’t imagine going through life’s journey with anyone else. And for the both of us after traveling all week, there’s definitely no place like home (even if we’re still trying to figure out exactly what it looks like).

P.S. We signed contracts for both the wedding venue and band, whew! Next steps: photographer, catering and a little R&R at the lake for the Fourth of July.


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