A Quiet Weekend

There’s never a dull moment (or weekend) with Eric and me these days, so we were excited to have a couple of days to relax and catch up on things around the house.

We kicked off the weekend checking out Dewey’s Pizza which just opened this past week in Overland Park. Eric’s favorite pizza place from his hometown of Cincinnati, he couldn’t wait to get his fix. We were thrilled to see it was a packed house, and the Dewey’s team said it had been crazy busy all week. We split a peppercorn ranch salad, and a half-and-half Hawaiian and Ryan’s Inferno pizza. Let’s just say we made a point to order enough for leftovers, but they didn’t last long. I’m glad Eric has been able to find some pieces of home here in KC, and I’m sure this place in particular will be a new staple in our rotation of takeout options.

We spent Saturday afternoon with family grabbing some yummy Greek food before taking a stroll around the rose garden at Loose Park.

On our way to the garden, we stumbled upon a pop-up lily shop and picked out a few lilies for our front flower bed.


Getting the home improvement inspiration bug, we pulled out old plants, transplanted a few shrubs and re-planted a couple of flower pots in the front of the house – we totally forgot to take photos of the before and after (#BloggerFail).

Taking it easy today, I spent the afternoon prepping a baked ziti dish for dinner and making cowboy cookie bites for dessert (recipe blog posts coming soon), and hung out on the back deck enjoying the cooler weather.

Before dinner, we stopped by one of my client’s events at Shawnee Mission Park. Group O’Dell hosted its Dog Days of Summer event for its clients and their dogs. Turk had a blast, and we enjoyed shaved ice, a photo booth, the puppy beauty contest and playing with the other neighborhood dogs.


Tonight, we’re prepping for the work week ahead, booking some travel for this Labor Day Weekend, and catching up on our DVR.

We love quiet weekends like these, and hopefully as we head into fall we’ll be able to have a few more to enjoy.


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  1. wow your relaxing weekends sure are eventful. It was so nice to see you Jessica and meet your lucky man at the Picnic. Turk is such a cutie.

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