Whoa, Look at Those Smoke Rings

Ok, so for months Eric has been talking about getting a charcoal smoker for the house. We went to the American Royal back in October (the world’s largest barbecue competition), and saw hundreds of teams basting, grilling, smoking and creating all sorts of deliciously barbecued meats and sides.

After lots of YouTube videos and several not-so-subtle hints from Eric about different kinds of smokers, I got him Weber Smoky Mountain Cooker for Christmas. While tracking down the actual smoker was an adventure in and of itself (I snagged the last one in stock in all of Kansas City), it was the different kinds of wood chips, chunks and hunks, as well as all of the rubs and sauces, and reading material at the Kansas City BBQ Store that reinforced in me just how truly big of a deal the art of barbecue is in KC.

After much patience (we’ve been traveling and spending time with family for the holidays), Eric finally got to break out the smoker this weekend. His first meat to test out? Brisket. He used hickory wood chunks and Jack Stack rub. And in true Kansas City BBQ style, we paired Sunday night brisket with jalapeño and cheese cornbread and a Q39-inspired apple coleslaw. For a first go, it was pretty darn tasty. Get the cornbread recipe here, and the coleslaw recipe here).

Anyone interested in taste testing our next smoking endeavor? We’re thinking ribs.



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