Speak Your Truth

It never ceases to amazing me that I learn something new every time I practice yoga.

I’ve shared my journey in past posts on why I started yoga in the first place, and while I definitely still find my practice a stress reliever, I can’t even begin to fully explain how it has impacted me.

For example…

This morning I told myself that I was going to make it to class no matter what. It was a crazy couple of weeks, and I hadn’t been for a while … pretty sad since I just bought an unlimited class package. I was feeling tired, fuzzy and weak. I knew I needed a good kick in the butt, and I could always count on Phil (one of the awesome instructors at Radiant Yoga) to make sure I left it all on the mat.

I have to be honest, by 3 p.m. today I was ready for a night of Netflix on the couch rather than an hour of planking, vinyasas and core work. But … I knew if I didn’t start out the week strong, the likelihood of me going later on would be slim (if that).

So I forced myself to get to class … and was even a bit proud that I had a few minutes to clear my mind before we got started. Normally I’m a mad woman weaving through traffic, rushing to get to the studio on time.

The first thing Phil said to the five us as we were getting ready to start our practice for the night? “Well … since this is a pretty advanced group, we’ll have some fun really working on our core tonight.” We all started laughing. Us? Advanced? Nah.

While quickly warming up our core muscles to get to the “fun” part, Phil said to us that his intention for the class was to help us speak our inner truths.

Instead of focusing on how hard the poses were (or how much I was sweating and breathing heavy), I found myself reflecting on my inner truths, the core of who I am. As I was holding Warrior III, I realized that my new truth was that I could do this pose. Six months ago, I didn’t have the core strength, balance, flexibility – and frankly confidence – to do this.

As I continued on the 55 minutes of class, I also found truth in the following:

  • I’m proud of my fitness journey so far, and I’m my own biggest motivator.
  • I should really stop saying “yes” to everything and edit out the clutter.
  • I need to stay grounded. Be humble and kind.
  • I should take time often to take a step back and acknowledge how truly blessed I am.

By the end of our practice I felt energized, clear and strong. Tonight I mostly definitely got what I needed … a good kick in the butt … all the way down to my core.

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